“Don’t give up” cover – Peter Gabriel

Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush (cover by Ell & Hart)

Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel, feat. the gorgeous Kate Bush, is an enormous song to take on.

After it was requested we do an acoustic cover version of it, we knew we had work cut out for us! So how exactly do you take a prog rock classic like this and turn it into a country-pop version you can play in your lounge-room? Well – we got together and gave it a crack, and we had a ball doing it! So, here’s the result and our very own version of “Don’t Give Up”.

It’s captured in one take, with no miming or pre-recorded floo-flahh – just real, live, raw acoustic music!

Hopefully we can return to the live stage soon and perform this fabulous song for you in person!

We absolutely loved doing this acoustic cover song! Keep those requests coming in for more songs we can do our own versions of!

‘Don’t Give Up’ is written by Peter Gabriel.

Ell & Hart is Jade Ell and Sheona Urquhart Smångs

Lead vox and keys – Jade Ell

Vox and egg shaker – Sheona Urquhart

Guitar – Moltas Åhs

Filming – Victor Smångs