Jade Ell

Jade Ell is a Swedish recording artist and international songwriter. She’s been awarded by STIM and SKAP, and has had #1 Billboard Top Latin Album Chart hits with RBD (Rebeldes).

She grew up in Värmland, playing piano and singing in jazz clubs and the church choir. An avid traveller, Jade has herded sheep in Israel and worked in the Swedish Consulate in San Diego. During her stint in the US, Jade received an invitation to the American Grammy’s in 1996 – an undeniable sign to start her career in the music industry!

Jade’s debut album “Promises and Prayers” was released in 1999, featuring the singles “Got to Let You Go”, which graced Swedish and Danish radio and was named ‘Record of the Week’ by The Tip Sheet in the UK.

Jade has written songs for countless artists, including Dotter (SE), Clara Mae (SE), Violet Days (SE), Sandra (DE), Sanne Salomonsen (DK) and DJs, including Steve Void (NL), KREAM (NO) and Feenixpawl (AUS).  Jade’s songs have been nominated for various music awards and have even been spotted in TV series such as ‘Lucifer’ (Netflix) and ‘Katy Keene’ (CBS/Warner Bros.)