About Ell & Hart

Ell & Hart is a female country-pop duo, is made up of Sweden’s Jade Ell and Australia’s Sheona Urquhart Smångs.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the music duo Ell & Hart stumbled across their unique vocal blend after jamming together in 2016 – not long after Sheona had moved to Sweden from Melbourne. Jade Ell, an established Swedish songwriter had asked Sheona, a session musician and backing vocalist, to play saxophone and sing with her as part of a fun festival gig in Örebro.

After their first rehearsal, they realised they had something special.

From there, Ell & Hart have continually grown and developed their dynamic music sound into an exquisite showcase of impressive vocal harmony, presented through rich and original musical storytelling.

Songwriting together has added depth to Ell & Hart, feeling the sounds they discover in the alt country and country-pop genres are what makes their hearts sing the strongest.

Ell & Hart play live on stages all around Sweden for festivals including Kalix Sommarfest, Smaka på Stockholm, Live at Heart, Stockholm Pride, Visby Festivalen and have played live on Swedish Radio (Sveriges Radio P4 Värmland, Sveriges Radio P4 Gotland).

“Ell & Hart is very much a live band. We’ve both been playing live for the most part of our careers and there’s a completely new level of depth the stories take when you get to tell them face to face.”

Latest release – ‘Sketches’

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